After adding the DKIM record provided by domain/get-dns-records method, it will be propagated through DNS. This might take a couple of minutes. Once it's completed, you can validate the DKIM record by sending this request:

Test request

POST /en/transactional/api/v1/domain/validate-dkim.json
    "api_key" : "apiKey",

Success response example

    "status": "success",
    "message": "Record created"

Request parameters

Name Type Description
api_key Mandatory string User API key
domain Mandatory string Verified domain for validating


Success response fields

Name Type Description
status Mandatory string Contains "success" value
message Mandatory string Contains "Record created" value


Error response fields

status - "error" string

message - human-readable error message in English

code - one of the generic error codes or error code from the table below:

Code Meaning How to fix
120 Internal DKIM validation error Please contact support.
121 Timeout searching domain. DNS request has timed out. Please make sure your DNS provider is online and try again later.
118 or 122 DKIM record not found (almost the same as 120) Please add to your domain a DKIM record with key returned by domain/get-dns-records method.
123 DKIM record malformed. You should properly setup DKIM for your domain.
124 DKIM record does not match expected. Seems like you have changed the record. While it's technically correct, it doesn't match the one we expect. You should use DKIM key returned by domain/get-dns-records method.
129 Unknown DKIM validation error with reason distinct to the ones from 120-124 errors. Please check that you have correctly added a DKIM record with key returned by domain/get-dns-records method and try again. Contact support if the error still occurs.
1400 Missing domain name Specify the domain for validating.
1401 Invalid or non-existent domain  Either you have mistyped the domain name and should correct it or DNS changes have not yet propagated through DNS and you should wait a couple of hours and try again. There should be A, AAAA or MX record for domain.
1402 Domain is not registered in UniOne Please call domain/get-dns-records method for domain to be registered.


It is extremely important not to remove or change the DKIM record after adding it. Otherwise, authentication will not work properly and there may be problems with your email delivery.