After adding the verification record provided by the domain/get-dns-records method, it will be propagated through DNS. This might take a couple of minutes. Once it's complete, you can ask our system to validate your domain verification record by sending this request:

Test request

POST /en/transactional/api/v1/domain/validate-verification-record.json
    "api_key" : "apiKey",

Success response example

    "status": "success",
    "message": "Record created"

Request parameters

Name Type Description
api_key Mandatory string User API key
domain Mandatory string Verified domain for validating


Success response fields

Name Type Description
status Mandatory string Contains "success" value
message Mandatory string Contains "Record created" value


Error response fields

status - "error" string

message - human-readable error message in English

code - one of the generic error codes or error code from the table below:

Code Meaning How to fix
115 No DNS records found. Use domain name with DNS records. Maybe domain is misspelled?
118 No DNS TXT records found Add a DNS verification record to your domain with values returned by domain/get-dns-records.
1200 Missing domain name Specify the domain for validating.
1201 Invalid domain value Please enter a valid domain value.
1202 Domain is not registered in UniOne Make a domain/get-dns-records method call.


Don't forget to validate your DKIM record also.